Sebastien Manceau

Atkins, Member of the SNC-Lavalin Group

Sebastien Manceau is a Chief Geotechnical Engineer with over seventeen year experience of working in multi-disciplinary teams across a range of sectors including infrastructure and energy. He is Atkins’ Technical Authority for Offshore Geotechnics focusing on the renewables and oil and gas sectors. He has significant experience in offshore site investigations, development and applications of integrated 3-D ground models and foundation design for offshore windfarms at all stages of projects development. Recent and current work includes the Beatrice, Dudgeon and Triton Knoll offshore windfarms.

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Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is one of the most scalable renewable technologies and can play a significant role in decarbonising energy infrastructure to help mitigate climate change. The importance of understanding the ground and environmental conditions over vast sites will be discussed together with the management of ground risk through efficient site investigations, adapted foundation selection and the design and installation planning process.