Richard Mason

Marine Positioning Solutions

Richard Graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2006 with a BSc (Hons) in Geographical Information and Mapping Sciences. He then headed into the Oil and Gas Industry as a Surveyor in Deep Water Construction. After 6 years Offshore he took up his current role in Technical Sales with Marine Positioning Solutions (Survey Solutions Scotland) helping to introduce new technologies and combining techniques to help companies grow and develop. This involved a combination of Marine Construction, Laser Scanning, UAVs and traditional Total Station and GNSS Solutions in the most rugged and challenging environments.

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The Right Technology to obtain the Correct Solution

Assessing solutions to address coastal erosion and flooding may require using different types of technology that enable you to collect the necessary data to engineer a solution. With the use of Drones in the air, Hydrones on the water and terrestrial Laser Scanning, the solutions are readily available. Join us to see how to combine these technologies that allow you to collect the required data to assess and find the right solution.