Mike Hopkins

Storm Geomatics Limited

Mike has 25 years’ experience surveying in water and has delivered high quality geospatial data into a huge variety of successful engineering projects over that time. As technology moves forward Mike has a keen interest in both hardware and software developments as he believes that more can now be done using similar values of resources, making more projects financially viable. As Chair of The Survey Association Technical Committee, Mike monitors accuracy for new measurement sensors to ensure that the improved efficiencies of data collection don’t compromise the quality of the deliverable. Mike is always finding out better ways of delivering data too and believes that providing seamless integration of data to third party systems is more important than the data collection itself.

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Measure twice, cut once.

A look at two different underwater measurement techniques on a live project, making the comparisons and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the outputs and how this study could be used to improve decision making for engineering projects in the future.