Lisa Marshall

Gwynedd Council

Lisa is Project Manager for the Fairbourne: Moving Forward project in Gwynedd where the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP2) is being implemented. She has managed the project since June 2014 and has worked hard to establish a very successful multi-agency and high level team in which the community play a significant role. With the project appearing in the press no less than 50 times in recent years, she has steered the project through some challenging issues and has done this by working closely with the community and the press. The project is now producing the Masterplan – the plan to implement the SMP in Fairbourne - ultimately resulting in decommissioning of the village.

Leading this pioneering project, Lisa hopes that work undertaken in Fairbourne will lead to changes and development of new legislation to support communities across the UK and further afield, as the effects of climate change increasingly impact our communities.

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Fairbourne: Adaptation beyond Engineering

The Fairbourne: Moving Forward project has encountered and achieved a great deal since it was established in mid-2013. It is now in the process of establishing a Community Interest Company to address housing market blight, in addition to producing a plan to decommission the village in the future. Lisa will be talking about some of the project’s achievements along with the many challenges overcome and those which it now faces.