Katie Cresswell-Maynard

Engineers Without Borders UK

Katie is the Chief Executive of the charity Engineers Without Borders UK, a charity dedicated to putting global responsibility at the heart of engineering. To achieve this, Engineers Without Borders UK drives a movement for change in how engineering is perceived, taught and practiced so that we inspire a diverse cohort of engineering talent that can respond to the global challenges we are facing. Katie has a background as an engineer working in resilience, sustainability and climate change adaptation, particularly in the urban environment, and has always been interested in how technology and infrastructure changes our lives.

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Engineering to change the world

In some way, all of the largest environmental and human development issues facing the global community have their solutions rooted in engineering. Engineers create and supply the technology and infrastructure that people use and rely on and are key to humanity’s responses to the grand challenges that we all now face. How can we ensure that engineers are inspired to work towards addressing these grand challenges so we can achieve sustainable development for the benefit of people everywhere?