Jennifer Watts and Dr Dafni Sifnioti

Plymouth Coastal Observatory/ Teignbridge District Council

Jennifer Watts is a coastal process scientist at Plymouth Coastal Observatory. She has a background in oceanography with an MSc in Engineering in the Coastal Environment. Her main interests are coastal morphodynamics and extreme events.

Dafni is the Project Manager for the Southwest Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme. Dafni is a Geologist – Geoenvironmentalist, with a MSc in Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate and a PhD in Hydrodynamics, Coastal Modelling and Sea Level Rise. Her responsibilities include the effective delivery of the programme to meet the Clients requirements and expectations and the management of the project’s budget and deliverables. Dafni also acts as a Coastal Processes Advisor when requested by the PCO Team and by the programme’s clients and partners.

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The South West Coastal Monitoring Programme

The South West Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme (SWRCMP), funded by Defra, is managed by the SW Coastal Groups, and the Environment Agency with Teignbridge District Council (TDC) acting as the lead authority. Since 2006, SWRCMP collects and archives: Topographic, Bathymetric, LiDAR, Aerial Photography, Ecological Mapping, Hydrodynamic and Tidal data. Plymouth Coastal Observatory (PCO), is the data management centre and provides a standard, repeatable and cost effective method of coastal monitoring.