James Turley


James is a senior maritime engineer with over ten years of experience. He has been involved in the inspection, design and construction of maritime, coastal and other related projects in locations all over the world. He has extensive experience in the design of port infrastructure; both of new structures and remedial/upgrade works to existing assets.

James is committed to the use of emerging technology as part of the design and operation phases of projects. He has been successful in introducing new technology to the industry and currently co-ordinates the implementation of BIM globally within Arup for maritime projects. He has previously presented at conferences on smart ports and the future of ports.

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Choosing the best digital survey technique(s) for marine/coastal projects

In the current market, the need for more efficient methods of obtaining data is paramount. There are now many commercially available techniques for surveying and analysing data. Existing and likely future uses of these technologies in the context of marine and coastal projects will be explored. The myriad of potential benefits, such as improving safety and data quality, monitoring existing structures and ultimately reducing operational expenditure, will be critically reviewed.