Helen Riley and Simon Stephenson

RPS Group

Helen is an ornithological consultant with extensive experience of coastal and offshore developments, including offshore wind farms, roads and bridges, ports, and subsea cables. She is experienced in working with engineers to understand project design and construction procedures so as to assess possible impacts on bird species and habitats and, if appropriate, to design mitigation. She began her career working as an advisor for Scottish Natural Heritage.
Simon is an acoustic consultant with extensive experience gained in the UK and worldwide for coastal and offshore developments. He is considered an expert in the fields of environmental noise and underwater acoustics including assessing the effects of sound and vibration on wildlife, including marine mammals, fish, turtles, birds and bats. He has carried out detailed noise impact assessments for a number of developments including ports, harbours, renewable energy and oil and gas developments.

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Addressing Constraints To Coastal Works

Coastal developments and engineering works often involve noisy activities such as piling. Coastal environments may also be close to areas of importance for birds and designated nature conservation sites for estuarine birds and seabirds. Noise can cause disturbance to birds and this issue is often a potential constraint for coastal works, which may cause a consent risk. This seminar provides an introduction to noise and disturbance effects on birds, available information on the effects of noise on birds, when to measure and the best ways to measure noise for the purposes of acoustic and environmental assessment and available techniques for minimising noise disturbance from coastal works.