Dr. Martin D Hurst

University of Glasgow

Martin Hurst has been a Lecturer in Physical Geography at the University of Glasgow since 2016. His research focuses on understanding the long-term trajectories of erosion and landscape change. He is motivated by the problem that eroding landscapes (both terrestrial and coastal) leave behind scant evidence of their previous form. In 2013 Martin gained a PhD in Geology from the University of Glasgow focused on using cosmogenic isotopes to understand long-term rates of erosion in active mountain ranges. He became interested in coastal processes and landscapes whilst working as a Geomorphologist for the British Geological Survey from 2012 to 2016. In 2017 Martin won the Geological Society President’s Award for his contribution to the development of innovative new techniques to better understand and model coastal erosion.

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Accelerated chalk cliff retreat rates in recent centuries

Understanding rates of past coastal erosion is vital for assessing future erosion risks at the coast. We measured past cliff retreat rates over millennial time scales for chalk cliffs on the south coast of Great Britain by interpreting measurements of cosmogenic nuclides. Our results provide evidence for accelerated erosion in recent centuries, which we suggest is driven by reduced sediment supply and thinning of beaches.