Concrete Waterproofing and Corrosion Control


Markham Global offer new generation hydrogel concrete additives and treatments to effectively waterproof new or aged concrete structures and limit corrosion to significantly extend their service life in harsh environments. 

Free moisture in concrete is at the root of all major causes of concrete corrosion or failure. 

Our Aquron and Conqor treatments react with the alkalinity of the concrete to transform this free moisture into an immobile hydrogel.

The hydrogel that is formed by these complex products through a simple reaction eliminate or significantly reduce the typical effect of free moisture in the corrosion/failure of concrete in the following ways:

- Chloride attack – Free moisture is the transport “vehicle” for chlorides to penetrate into concrete. The hydrogel eliminates the creation of the salt solution that typically acts as a catalyst for any corrosion of the reinforcing bar.

- Freeze/Thaw – The expansive force of free moisture in low temperatures is significantly reduced as the hydrogel does not freeze. 

- Carbonation - CO that enters into the porosities of concrete reacts with the free moisture present to form a carbon acid which then breaks down the alkaline cement bonds. By immobilising the moisture, the hydrogel prevents this reaction from taking place.

- Drying Shrinkage – By retaining the moisture in the concrete within the hydrogel during the curing period, drying shrinkage is reduced by up to 70%. This significantly reduces the potential for surface crazing/cracking, the point of entry for corrosives/contaminants.

- Surface Wear – This moisture retention also produces a more complete hydration of the cement to form a stronger cure. Combined within the densifying effect of the hydrogel, resistance to surface abrasion/wear is greatly increased.

These products have been proven in a hugely diverse range of environments around the world for over 30 years.

Markham Global have successfully treated over 6,000,00 square metres of concrete on over 4,000 projects.

How can you utilise our support and expertise to extend the service life of your concrete structures using the high performance Aquron and Conqor concrete treatments?

AQURON/Conqor are innovative, market-leading products that:

- Protect concrete from the inside out

- Arrest corrosion by waterproofing the structure internally, removing the main causes of deterioration

- Extend the life of concrete structures arresting corrosion and controlling chlorides

- Provide long term service life cost efficiencies

- Are permanent and do not need recoating


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