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SPI Appleton Ltd

SPI Appleton is a leading steel piling contractor. We have the skills, knowledge and a comprehensive modern fleet of piling plant and equipment to design and carry out temporary and permanent steel piled installations with our highly trained workforce.

This experience, and the wide range of techniques we offer, allows us to provide unbiased professional advice on systems selection, project planning and design. We then go on to develop best value cost effective solutions for our customers. We work on a design and install principle for the delivery of steel piling elements and have in-house design engineers working with Contracts Managers and estimators to ensure the most economic solution for customers.

Sheet, tubular, Universal Bearing Piles and combi wall construction solutions can all be developed to accommodate customer requirements. Bracing, frames, tie-rods and walings, timber piles with associated timberwork and cofferdam excavation are also all within the scope of our experience.

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