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Markham Global

Hydrogel treatments to effectively waterproof concrete for long-term corrosion control.

Markham Global offer new generation hydrogel concrete additives and treatments to effectively waterproof new or aged concrete structures to limit corrosion and significantly extend their service life in harsh environments.

Free moisture in concrete is at the root of all major causes of concrete corrosion or failure.

Our Aquron and Conqor treatments react with the alkalinity of the concrete to transform this free moisture into an immobile hydrogel.

The hydrogel that is formed by these complex products eliminate or significantly reduce the effect of free moisture in the corrosion/failure of concrete typically caused by:

• Chloride attack
• Freeze/Thaw
• Carbonation
• Drying Shrinkage
• Surface Wear

These products have been proven in a hugely diverse range of environments around the world for over 30 years.

Markham Global have successfully treated over 10,000,000 square metres of concrete on over 5,000 projects worldwide.

How can you utilise our support and expertise to extend the service life of your concrete structures using the high performance Aquron and Conqor concrete treatments?

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