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LandScope Engineering Ltd

LandScope specialises in high order inshore and near-shore hydrographic surveys.

The application of multi-beam sonar allows LandScope Engineering to offer a comprehensive underwater modelling and survey service. Multi-beam systems are deployed either dynamically from a survey vessel or statically from a tripod mount to provide high resolution sonar measurement in 3D. The resultant models are delivered to the highest order of accuracy in a wide variety of client specified formats.

In dynamic acquisition mode, the 3D sonar record is rectified for vessel movement through accurate modelling of platform dynamics including position, heading, pitch and roll.
In static mode, LandScope employs various underwater referencing techniques to ensure separate scans are co-registered and positioned accurately in 3D space.

LandScope`s underwater modelling and visualisation service mitigates the risk, and often subjective reporting, associated with traditional diver surveys.

LandScope Engineering has established a mobile mapping service for marine application.

The system integrates high resolution panoramic photographic and LiDAR data - all geo-referenced and controlled to the highest accuracy with GNSS and inertial navigation systems.

The mobile mapping system may be rapidly deployed to vessel of opportunity or a LandScope dedicated survey vessel.

The resultant rich data set provides an invaluable tool for a wide variety of applications, including;

• Asset Inspection - high resolution imagery
• Asset Visualisation
• Asset Management - Orbit
• Topographical Survey - foreshore and structures
• Coastal Management
• 3D Modelling

In combining the LiDAR with multi-beam sonar data it is possible to realise a high resolution and accurate 3D data set both above and below the waterline.

Dedicated, rapid mobilisation, survey vessels are fitted with a range of single beam and multi-beam echo sounder technology to ensure safe and professional survey in a range of environments including inland water ways, estuaries, ports, harbours and coastal.

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