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Environmental Innovation Limited

Designers & Suppliers of Spill, Firewater, Flood and Pollution Retro-fit in Drain Containment Valves. Proven, British Award Winning Design and Manufactured - Manual or Automated - Mains, Battery or Solar Powered Permitting Deployment Anywhere.

Recognised as best practice by the EA and SEPA, in-drain containment is a proven and universally acknowledged effective technique that can prevent an incident from becoming a disaster,

With hundreds of Installations across the UK and Europe, we and our installation partners have the ability to install systems at substantially lower cost that the traditional penstock valve. Our valves are lightweight, eliminating the need for cranes or the construction of new chambers.

Finally, we offer a 100% bespoke design and build service with valves profiled to fit chambers, drains and sewers of all sizes from 10cm (4in) to 100cm (40in)

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