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Association of Diving Contractors UK & Ireland (UK ADC LTD)

The Association represents one of the most diverse sections of the UK diving industry where members work within the 12 miles waterline around the coast of the UK and Eire territorial waters as well as all Inland waterways including lochs, dams, docks, marinas, Culverts, Canals, ports, harbours, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, power stations, naval base, tanks and swimming pools located around the shores of Great Britain, Northern and Southern Ireland.

Our Members are made up of diving contractors working Inland/Inshore in the UK & Ireland and suppliers and support companies who have involvement in diving or marine works in the UK or overseas.
ADC supports and encourages best practice within the diving sector and actively promotes the common interests of diving contractors and others associated with commercial diving, as well as seeking improvements in health, safety, environment & technical standards.
As an association we:
- Promote Inland/Inshore diving activity to client groups and other interested parties.
- Conduct Dive Safety Audits on all its Full members
- Publish and provide Industry guidance and documents
- Provide Technical Support
- Supply the industry recognised inland/inshore divers log book and diving suervisors manual
- Develop and promote safe diving practice through industry standards
- Provide Training and Seminars
- regulate the Inland/Inshore diving supervisors sheme, including the Issue of valid Supervisor Certification
- Represent Industry and address any industry issues our members may have.
- Share safety information notes and safety guidance documents
- Keep our members updated on industry legislation, safety and compliance.
- Ensure clients are aware of how they should fulfil their legal duties when employing diving contractors.

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