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Aquacast International Ltd

Aquacast International Ltd, have developed and patented a unique demountable construction method. using specially designed W cast concrete Blocks .
The system is newly launched to the UK Market and have attracted a wide range of interest in verity of applications such as, River and canal bank reinforcement, reservoirs, sea defence and anti landslide walls
Developed in the over the last 10 years in the IOM, the system has undergone sever testing in verity of application by the IOM government and Oldham Metropolitan council,
It is considered to be the fasts construction application currently on the market, currently used on regular bases by the IOM government in applications such as water reservoirs, river and embankment walls.
Because of the unique piling option offered in the blocks, the need for excavating foundation is no longer required; it is both permanent and demountable construction method.
Currently pressed manufactured by CEMEX UK at the rate of 5000 w Blocks sizes 800x400x125mm.
Another size that is shortly be manufactured, is the new W Lego Blocks , the size is 1200x400x400mm C40-50 wet cast

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